What are the technical characteristics of PA6 plastic?

PA6 plastic beads are created from the reaction between Diacid and Diamine. Or by ring-opening polymerization from Caprolactam and Nylon. This plastic material contains all the mechanical properties including high strength, flexibility in use and excellent resilience. So let’s have a look at Hadupack’s list of the most outstanding features of this polymer resin.

  1. Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  2. High melting temperature, when operating at high temperature, the glass transition temperature that gives good mechanical properties will usually range from 500K – 540K.
  3. Plastic beads are very durable, light, resistant to corrosive chemicals, so they have a wide range of operation in high temperature environments from -40oC to 100oC.
  4. PA6 polymer resin is easy to process, shape, smooth surface, easy to mix into many colors at will. And does not contain harmful substances, safe for the health of users.
  5. The ability to absorb water is always the lowest, because in the grain composition there is an internal self-balancing mechanism. Should help the material always have high hardness, with the ability to withstand many types of oil, grease, diesel fuel …

Some limitations of PA6 plastic beads:

Low dimensional strength, mechanical and electrical properties easily affected by hygroscopicity or water absorption.

  1. Low acid resistance, should avoid dyeing with acid, or can’t be exposed to acid for a long time.
  2. The fastness in polluted environment is quite low and here the color fastness is poor.

Answering the actual use of PA6 plastic:

PA6 plastic is widely used in the fields of engineering and industrialization. Unblend grades can run at higher temperatures. In addition, with the ability to operate continuously in the high temperature range of 340 – 350 K. These layers are reinforced with glass and minerals. Due to its excellent properties, PA6 resin is suitable for most applications in different industries and markets.

The most common applications of PA6 beads:

  1. Car production: PA6 resin is used in automobile manufacturing components such as: Used as a filter, fuel filter, as a tank or as a container for consumables. Types of engine oil tanks, engine block covers, radiator water tanks, or gear parts used for balance movement…
  2. Used in civil or electronic industries: Used in the production of semiconductor pots, vacuum cleaners, high-frequency heaters, toggle switches or resistors…
  3. The equipment used in medical or machinery requires high precision: Used to manufacture syringes, blood-suction machines, infusion… In addition, it is also used as sutures in surgery, sub-models, wigs…
  4. In addition, PA6 plastic is also used in many other fields such as sewing, manufacturing machine parts, wire sheathing, shoe manufacturing, shipbuilding, electrical engineering, construction machinery and equipment…

With the detailed information that Hadupack shared in the article, hopefully, it has helped you to have more general understanding about PA6 plastic beads. If you have a need to buy backup equipment and supplies for plants in the fields of hydroelectricity, thermal power, cement plants, sugar factories and shipbuilding industry… Call +84 976 888 111 to get help. Best support.


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