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Extended Content Labels – Multi-Layer Labels

Laminated labels are specially designed to provide more space to present in-depth product information.

What are multi-layer labels, extended content labels?

Multi-layer labels are a group of labels designed to increase the visibility of a product. When the label surface is not enough to show everything you want to convey, laminated labels provide more space for information presentation by using multiple pages, the labels can be peeled off later. can be re-glued.

Benefits of laminated stamps

  1. Frees up space on the front of labels to decorate and market the product and brand, while the inner layers contain important information to comply with regulations and inform consumers of the details necessity of the product.
  2. When there is a lot of information to say about a product, these pages can contain all the information related to your product or business.
  3. Laminated stamps are perfect for transmitting data in multiple languages or meeting industry standards such as health warnings, application instructions or warranty information.
  4. The best product label solution for small products, little space to display information.

Expanded content labels give you more space to tell the story of your brand or product

There are many “complicated” products on the market, some of which can be dangerous if handled improperly. Requires full information on packaging and labels for users, this is when multi-layer labels come into play.

Laminated stamps are made up of multiple labels that are affixed directly to the product and can be opened to display essential information, such as regulatory requirements, multilingual text, promotions, information alarms, etc.

The most popular apps

Many products and businesses benefit from the versatility of this label, if you have the following problems, then laminated stamps may be the right fit for your product.

  1. Compulsory product information according to state regulations, industry standards obscure your product identity and brand: With the expanded content label, the content space is significantly increased. Gives you more space to deliver your brand message to your customers while meeting regulatory requirements.
  2. You want to save money because you don’t want to print a separate user guide for the product: Extra space on the label allows you to present the full product instructions and include different languages. The same label may be used for products distributed in more than one country.
  3. Reduced environmental impact: The use of multi-layer labels reinforces the “green image”. Because it can replace books, manuals, extra labels, packaging …
  4. Increase customer engagement: Use the extra space as a coupon for your next purchase, a recipe, a user guide, or a quick brand tip with a QR code so customers can direct feedback. These are effective ways to make customers more loyal to your business.
  5. Instructions for use and safety information are fully presented on the product label, but are too small to read: With the additional content area can be as much as 200% to 600%. This important information is attached directly to your product, and lasts for the life of the product as a durable and re-sealable brochure structure. . Helps save valuable time in case of an emergency.
  6. Increase your cyber presence: Combining online and offline marketing efforts is a powerful strategy for building brand awareness. Showing links to your website, social media, etc. is the perfect way to promote communication with your customers online.

Multi-layer stamp printing

We’re here to help you with the right laminated labels for everything you need, from regulatory content to special offers. Whether it’s meeting relevant state regulations, coupons, supplements or multilingual instructions, expanded content labels give brands the ability to maximize the information on the label.




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