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EVA Resin

EVA plastic is one of the best-selling plastic materials on the market today. Because it has become the main ingredient of many applications in life. Therefore, many people wonder about the origin of this type of plastic. As well as its most outstanding features to better understand the origin of the items you use every day. Therefore, the article below will answer all your questions about EVA Plastic. Let’s find out with Hadupack!

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What is EVA plastic?

We most easily encounter this type of plastic in plastic shoes and sandals widely sold on the market. EVA plastic stands for the English name Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer. A compound formed through the polymerization reaction between Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate. The ratio of Ethylene in EVA Plastic is also very diverse. Ranging from 3-40% depending on production purpose.

EVA plastic is divided into 2 main groups:

  1. Polarity groups are made from hydrogen and carbon: LDPE, LLDPE, PP, HDPE
  2. Non-polarity group: nylon, polyester

Characteristic properties of EVA Plastic

EVA plastic is considered a rubber-like material with characteristic flexibility and elasticity. It has a transparent texture, glossy surface and smells like vinegar. In addition, it also maintains its durability at low temperatures and is less prone to cracking. Good bearing capacity and contact with high temperature solvents. The material also does not react with ozone gas or ammonia solution. However, it cannot withstand chlorides, gasoline, acetone, acids and is decomposed by ultraviolet radiation. In particular, this type of plastic is extremely safe for human health because it does not contain harmful impurities.

Its mechanical properties depend on the vinyl acetate content. For those containing low levels of vinyl acetate (VA) (less than 4%), the texture of the plastic becomes similar to some types of rubber. Soft, flexible and especially not harmful to human health. When the VA ratio is raised from 4-30%, it becomes more flexible and adhesion is significantly improved. Therefore, it is also used to make adhesives such as glue and thermal paste. Finally, EVA Plastic with the highest VA content (over 60%) becomes another material: ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber.

EVA plastic
EVA plastic

5 main applications of EVA Plastic in life

Possessing the above advantages, we can easily understand. Why is this material so popular in many manufacturing industries? It is a type of plastic that can be combined with many different types of plastics and chemical additives. EVA plastic is often mixed together or reinforced with PE Plastic, PP Plastic, PVC Plastic… to create outstanding physical properties for the material. More specifically, the following are the 5 most common areas where EVA Plastic is used:

Production of foam mattresses

One of the leading uses of EVA Plastic is to make foam and foam sheets. Also known as “expanded rubber” or “foam rubber”. With its inherent porosity and expansion, it absorbs external forces well while still maintaining high stability. Therefore, foams made from EVA plastic are often used to make pads for sports equipment to reduce injuries and strong impacts. It is also used as shock absorbers for sports shoes. Nike sports shoe company once launched a type of EVA foam for shoes, known as “Phylon”.

Making shoes and backpacks

Besides, this is also a very popular material to make sandals as well as handbags and backpacks. Thanks to its durability and good impact resistance, softness and ease of shaping, the finished product is both diverse and eye-catching. It brings a smooth and comfortable feeling to consumers. Top soccer shoes are often made from EVA Plastic, mixed with wax and resin to enhance product durability.

Currently, ultra-light sandals made from EVA Plastic are loved by many customers. Thanks to its light weight and cheaper price than natural rubber, it is benign and non-toxic. Parents can feel completely secure when choosing plastic slippers for their children to use. Even when it rains, you don’t have to worry about slipping or getting water on your feet.

Manufacture of adhesives

EVA plastic with average VA content has good adhesion. So it is very popular for making high temperature adhesives. It is also used as an additive to enhance adhesion in food wraps. In addition, it is also used as an adhesive in the packaging and textile industries or to bond metals together.

Used as artificial flowers

Some types of artificial flowers today also use EVA plastic relatively widely in production. The flower foam pieces are molded into sheets, with characteristic softness and flexibility. People will cut it into desired petals, then use heat to attach them together.

Application in drug preparation

EVA resin is used in the biomedical field as a drug delivery device. Thanks to its solubility in organic solvents, people mix this solution with powdered medicines and sugar to create a homogeneous mixture. Then, they are cooked in molds at -80°C to harden into a solid state. And implanted inside so that the medicine can absorb and take effect. This material does not biodegrade when in the human body and does not contain toxic substances. So there are almost no side effects after implantation.


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