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Camera Phone Security Labels, Cam-block stickers are printed and used quite commonly in the market, especially in small retail phone shops and some places with strict requirements on information and image confidentiality. Readers can find out details about what is a phone camera sticker, the materials commonly used to print phone cameras as well as some popular designs and sizes when printing stickers on phone cameras in the following months: article below.

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Cam block stickers
Cam block stickers

Camera Phone Security Labels?

Phone camera stickers are decal stickers used to stick on camera clusters of mobile phones and some other portable devices such as laptops, tablets, cameras…

Stamps will not be removed until the person leaves the area and has the device inspected again by staff. If there is any fraud, peel off the stamp to shoot the thief will be detected immediately. It is similar to a broken stamp that will crumble if you peel it off.

No camera
No camera

Structure Camera Phone Security Labels

As a special sealing stamp used for security, marking the integrity of equipment and goods, production materials are also used more specifically.

The structure of the seal that peels off the glue without leaving a trace includes:

  • Information layer: is a plastic surface coating to print the company name, numbering series
  • Glue layer: is the layer below that has the effect of sticking to the surface to be sealed, when peeled off the upper layer of information, the glue will appear the word “VOID” or “OPEN VOID”, but especially do not leave Glue streaks on the surface of the device.

Some popular styles and sizes of phone camera stickers

Like many other types of stickers, phone camera stickers are also printed by customers with many different designs and sizes to serve the diverse needs of the market.

Some popular styles and sizes of phone camera stamps
Readers can refer to some of the most popular shapes and sizes of phone camera stickers below:

  1. Sizes of square phone camera stickers: 3 x 3cm, 3.5 x 3.5cm, 4 x 4cm, 4.5 x 4.5cm, 5 x 5cm, 5.5 x 5.5cm, 6 x 6cm,…
  2. Size of rectangular phone camera sticker stamp: 1 x 1.5cm; 1 x 2cm; 1.5 x 3cm; 2 x 4cm…

In addition to the above two popular designs, customers can also order printing labels to stick on the phone camera in other shapes such as: Printed round or elliptical phone camera stickers.

Phone camera seal
Phone camera seal

What is the difference between the camera cover stamp and the normal sealing stamp?

From the outside, the camera cover sticker is no different from other sealing stamps. Above it is also printed with the company logo, company name… With a special function, it will be printed with a slashed camera icon and the words “Do not remove” next to it, meaning “do not peel”.

The biggest difference is their properties. With regular seals, they will leave a layer of glue underneath after being peeled off, to indicate that the product is “no longer new”. In contrast, when removing the camera cover stamp, it does not leave any traces on the glued surface. So how to notify this stamp has been moved?

The special thing lies in the glue layer below. Printing camera cover stamps using a special technique, when peeled off the surface to be glued, the bottom layer of glue will form the word “OPEN VOID” which means invalid, the stamp loses its effect.

Cam-block Tamper Evident Mobile Phone Stickers
Cam-block Tamper Evident Mobile Phone Stickers

Seal void open stamp characteristics:

  1. Use to print labels, business information logo illustrations and barcodes. When attached to the object, the structure is broken and clear marks will appear when opened.
  2. Hidden graphics are not visually identifiable before use. Therefore, it will not affect the overall design.
  3. Print identification void open stamps easily, without any equipment.
  4. To prevent any tampering by multicolor scanning and split scanning.
  5. Unique automatic shut-off design, single use
  6. Special messages or graphics are available upon request. To express unique, individual, professional and personal.
  7. The words “VOID” cannot be seen before peeling off the face film, after peeling off, the face material will appear a warning message or image. Partial adhesive will infuse single-use items for products where the surface is glossy and smooth.

Tamper-proof self-adhesive printing material for printing void open anti-photographic film stamps printed onto PET material. With Laser, UV, barcode, and Flexo equipment, Flexo can be classified into: Displaying a message or warning image after being opened. The hidden message will be revealed after removing the top layer to avoid any attempt to open, remove, close. Applicable to transportation, anti-counterfeiting seal, security seal

Print void open stamps are combined with many other types of stamps to serve many different purposes of labels such as VOID stamps covered with Holograms, VOID stamps with jump numbers, VOID stamps in barcode/QR code, a great solution for inventory management. goods, anti-counterfeiting as well as providing information about goods.

Removable Mobile Phone Camera Tamper Evident Stickers
Removable Mobile Phone Camera Tamper Evident Stickers

The use of the phone sealer does not leave any glue marks

  • Seal the camera face on phones, storage devices
  • Directly paste on the surface of high-tech devices, electronic components
  • The glue layer is easy to clean, does not melt during storage
Phone camera Blocker sticker LG
Phone camera Blocker sticker LG

The advantage of the phone camera sealing stamp does not leave any glue marks

  • Water proof
  • No broken, broken due to objective impact (temperature, transportation, collision …)
  • Easy to use and easy to identify the removed stamp.
Phone camera seal HyunDai, Sam Sung
Phone camera seal HyunDai, Sam Sung

The technology of printing stamps to cover the camera at Hadupack

At the factory printing anti-filming and photographic stamps, Flexo printing technology is used to print camera stickers. This technology proves it most suitable for printing anti-filming stamps with the following advantages:

  1. Flexo printing is suitable for printing in large quantities: Anti-filming stamps need to be in large quantities because it can only be used once and needs to be printed continuously. For example, Samsung, Hyundai, and LG factories have a lot of workers, when entering the factory, the employees will have to put this stamp on the phone, then peel it off after the shift, every day.
  2. Flexo printing has a set of laminating and die-cutting stamps in the printer system: This saves time, does not have to use a lot of machines and labor. At the same time, because the stamp is pre-cut, it is easier for the stamper to peel and stick it.
  3. Flexo printing allows printing on Glassine substrates: Printing camera covers on this paper is easier to peel off than other types of paper.
  4. Flexo printers accept many different paper sizes: This serves the needs of many customers, printing the paper size according to the intended use. Offset machines are not like that, it only accepts a single paper size on the entire printer system.
Do not remove
Do not remove

Factors affecting the price of printing camera stickers

Quantity of finished products, label material, size.

  • Quantity: Hadupack we use FLEXO printing technology. Therefore, the higher the number of prints, the lower the cost per product. Therefore, before ordering void open stamps in any business. Then customers should balance the number of products to print to get the best price. And other after-sales services, at Hadupack, the larger the quantity ordered, the better the price. With the printing of void open stamps in large quantities, BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd. is more proactive in the production and arrangement of human resources. No interruption of operation and material wear.
  • Void open stamp material: Depending on the situation and application, the customer chooses the most suitable type. Of course, each material is different, the price will not be the same. There are times when the cost of raw materials also fluctuates based on the supply market. But Hadupack always tries to apply a support price to customers.
  • Camera label size: Product specification is an important factor that determines the cost of void open stamp printing. Due to the specificity of the printing industry, which is printing in large quantities, if you choose the wrong size, it will cause waste of material. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the size to reduce printing costs. The size of void open stamp printing is extremely diverse and rich enough for customers to choose from. Products printed with void open stamps for square or rounded corners are all requested by you.

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