Blue PE Shrink Film



Blue PE Shrink Film

Blue PE shrink film is a product of BiNa International Co., Ltd. Vietnam, which has been and is the most popular in packaging and transportation solutions today. This is the blue pe stretch film that is being used most by foreign companies.

Blue shrink film is produced and directly distributed by the prestigious Hadupack company. The company has produced and supplied to hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises.

Currently, Hadupack is a direct distributor of genuine, reputable, and best quality PE film in the packaging market. As both a manufacturer and a distributor, Hadupack’s products are cheaper than other suppliers in the market. If you need pe film with low product price, contact us immediately for advice and service.

  1. No additives, ensure safety for health.
  2. Green pe film is odorless, thin, tough, extremely good elasticity.
  3. High elasticity, durable, firm.
  4. High use temperature up to 120oC.
  5. The blue pe film does not react with chemicals, helping to better protect the goods.
  6. Good resistance to external impacts, avoiding scratches and damage to the product contained inside it.

Application of blue pe film in life:

  1. Industrial pe film: With a mechanism that adheres to the surface of the product, pe film is often used to wrap pallets, or packages for transportation or storage. Effect: protect the product, ensure the goods are intact, not moved, broken, damaged…
  2. In agriculture: Green pe film is often used to make a lining film in the garden, or to surround fruits and vegetables to protect them from insects, chemicals, …
  3. Using Pe Stretch film in freight services, ship cod: Fixing goods, avoiding accidental loss, blue color makes the parcel easier to distinguish,…
  4. In the family: wrapping household items, preserving leftovers, preserving rarely used machinery, …
  5. In addition, pe film also appears in many different places, depending on the needs of each person.


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