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Anti-static ESD foam film

Anti-static foam film is Air bubble film or pink PE Foam film. During the production of porous films, fatty acid esters (Masterbatch) are added to neutralize the charges on the surface of the polymer. Problems caused by static charge will be minimized or eliminated.

Features of ESD antistatic foam film:

Hadupack’s anti-static ESD foam film is ideal for protecting electronic products from electrostatic damage. In fact, ESD Foam is a really smart product, with antistatic properties that stop the generation of charge, which means it prevents static discharge to the products inside.

In addition to providing protection against electrostatic damage, Anti-Static Foam also acts as an excellent cushion against bumps and scratches during storage or transportation of goods. The anti-static ESD film also helps keep your items dust-free, and is resistant to water, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The antistatic foam film is a pink gas foam film, to distinguish it from the normal air foam film (transparent) and the air foam film made from recycled plastic (green).

Strong, lightweight, flexible, multi-purpose protective anti-static foam is the perfect addition to any packaging line. In addition, it can be used to wrap, fill the gap when packed in carton box.


How many types of antistatic foam film are there?

Air bubble film, anti-static foam – Air bubble ESD

Air bubble film is produced by Hadupack in the form of sheets, films, bags.

1.Advantages of Air bubble ESD anti-static:

Insulation against mechanical influences

Antistatic Foam Film is an excellent material for keeping goods safe and secure during transit. The air bubbles provide a flexible cushion to the product, thus providing a solid protection against harsh impacts.

Airfoam films are available in a variety of thickness options, which can be selected depending on the type of product being shipped. In addition, more fragile items can be double or triple wrapped to provide a strong layer of protection.

2. Reusable Air Foam Membrane

If you find the air bubble is intact, you can use it to pack other goods that you plan to ship in the future. This reusability makes it a very eco-friendly option compared to other packaging materials.

3. Light weight

Among the various packaging materials available, ESD Bubble Film insulation is the lightest. Since the material is super light plastic and mostly air inside, it makes a very light packaging material for fragile products.

This is an important feature during freight and air freight because the packing does not add weight to the goods. Light weight means lower shipping costs, business savings

4. Flexible and versatile

Due to its flexible, highly elastic construction, ESD Bubble Film can be used to wrap products of any size and shape and can be cut with scissors with ease.

Pink Pe Foam in addition to anti-static effect, also provides a cushion to protect the product from vibration. However, the elasticity and resistance to vibration are less than that of the air foam film, in return Pe Foam ESD has better abrasion resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance.

In addition, in addition to sheets, films, bags, antistatic PE Foam is also produced in the form of trays, also known as shaped PE foam trays.

Anti-static foam manufacturing company:

Hadupack produces a wide range of packaging foam films, Anti-static , ESD trays, ESD Cleanroom Products, Anti-static bags. Includes a wide range of products suitable for all kinds of electronic factories, manufacturers, transporters, businesses.

Wide selection of our foam film as color: black, red, pink. You can choose suitable products according to different size requirements.


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