1. What is ABS plastic?

ABS resin is the abbreviation for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This is a kind of polymer resin used to replace rubber in some fields. The first commercial ABS plastic product was produced in 1950.

2. Characteristics of ABS

As a thermoplastic granule, ABS has a temperature range of -25◦C to 60◦C, melting at about 105◦C.

  1. Three components of ABS plastic beads include Butadiene, Styrene, Acrylonitrile monomer, the ratio of these three monomers can vary from 15%-35% Acrylonitrile, 40%-60% Styrene and 3%-30% Butadiene.
  2. The ABS structure is a long chain of polybutadienes crossed with short chains of poly(Styrene-CO-Acrylonitrile). CTPT: (C8H8· C4H6·C3H3N)n
  3. ABS plastic beads are insulating and waterproof
  4. ABS is characterized by impact resistance and toughness. Its impact resistance and toughness change insignificantly at low temperatures, and its stability under the effect of gravity is very good.
  5. ABS plastic beads are resistant to alkaline concentrated hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid solutions, alcohols, vegetable and animal oils. When in contact with aromatic hydrocarbons, ABS plastic particles will swell and when in sulfuric and nitroic acid environments, their physical properties will be destroyed. ABS resin is dissolved in acetone, ester, ehtylence dichloride.
  6. ABS plastic is easy to electroplating, easy to process, has an acceptable price, has many models and types, has a long service life, is less damaged by the influence of the environment. ABS plastic is not resistant to high temperature, moisture resistance and aging resistance are average.

3. Application of ABS

With characteristics such as: electrical insulation, unlimited injection molding ability… ABS plastic beads are applied in many fields in life.

  1. In the electronics industry: ABS is used as the shell of equipment, making some accessories, making insulators such as electrical socket covers, electrical panels, …
  2. In refrigeration engineering: making housings for refrigeration equipment…
  3. In the auto and motorcycle industry: making some mechanical parts of cars, motorbikes ..
  4. In the packaging industry: making containers, special packaging, helmets..
  5. In building materials: water pipes, gene pipes…

Some products are injection molded such as: computer keys, phone cases,

Uses: Producing helmets, TV frames, …

Common codes: PA747, PA757, PA709, HI121H, 750SW,…

Origin: Korea, Taiwan,…


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